I spent nearly two days exploring Bucharest.

The vast Palace of Parliament is the second largest building in the world, behind only the Pentagon in DC.

Parliament Palace
Parliament Palace

The Village Museum in Herastrau Park is home to dozens of traditional Romanian homes.  They were transported here from across the country to showcase what Romanian life was like over the past several hundred years.

Village Museum - Herastrau Park
Village Museum – Herastrau Park

The Choral Temple, one of the last remaining synagogues in Bucharest.

Choral Temple - Bucharest
Choral Temple – Bucharest

The Piata Revolutiei has a monument at the site of Ceausecu’s last speech, four days before his execution.

Bucharest Revolution Memorial
Bucharest Revolution Memorial

My trip to Bucharest was part of my larger trip to Bulgaria and Romania.  See the rest of the trip here:


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